Who can purchase Marijuana?

Anyone who is 21 years or older with valid identification. Minors are not allowed on premises.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept cash only.  We have two ATM machines onsite for your convenience

How much Cannabis can I purchase at a time?

Washington State Law restricts purchased from exceeding one once of flower, 16 ounces of cannabis infused product in solid form or 72 ounce in liquid form

Can I open, smell, consume products in the store or in the parking lot?

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board states it is unlawful to open/consume any marijuana product on store premises or in view of the general public.

Can I return or exchange Marijuana products?

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction of all our products and encourage feedback from our customers, however the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board prohibits the return of any marijuana or marijuana infused products.

My Vape Cartridge is not working!  What should I do? 

What is the difference between Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids?

Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed

Sativas tend to provide more invigorating, uplifting cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social gatherings, and creative projects

Hybrids are thought to fall somewhere in between the indica-sativa spectrum, depending on the traits they inherit from their parent strains